In December of 2017, the Soul Witness production team began interviewing people associated with the original Brookline Holocaust testimony interviews, which were conducted from 1990-1996. As more funds are raised, we hope to continue to interview people associated with the film. We also hope to edit individual survivor interviews from the original Brookline Holocaust Witness Project into shorter videos so they can be shared with the general public.

Lawrence Langer

Lawrence Langer is a world renowned Holocaust testimony and Holocaust literature expert. Langer is a Professor of English Emeritus at Simmons College. He has received countless honors for his work in Holocaust study and has authored several books on the Holocaust including Holocaust Testimony: The Ruins of Memory.

Lawrence Langer conducted approximately 85% of the Brookline Holocaust Witness Project interviews from 1990-1996 and supervised all of them. A key factor behind the extraordinary quality of the Brookline intervews can be attributed to Langer’s contributions to the project. Soul Witness director/producer R. Harvey Bravman on Langer, “Lawrence Langer conducted the most responsible interviews I’ve ever seen; the witnesses were comfortable with him because of his compassion and his knowledge of the subject matter.”

Runtime: 15:19 min.

Soul Witness Reflections

Reflections features 7 interviews with family members of survivors featured in the film Soul Witness and others associated with the original interview project. Included in the video is Dr. Lloyd Gellineau, who discovered the interview tapes in a metal storage unit and recruited Bravman to make the film. The video ends with an important message from Holocaust survivor, Allan Shaw, recorded in 1994.

Runtime: 6:43 min.