Film Credits

Written & Directed
R. Harvey Bravman

Produced by
Robert Kirwan and R. Harvey Bravman

Robert Kirwan

Executive Producer
R. Harvey Bravman

Associate Editor
Danielle Myers

Sound Mixer
Douglas Stevens

Video Logging
Vekonda Luangaphay

Copy Editing
Ingrid Cooper

Yiddish Translation
Mona Wiener and Sheila White

Music Theme
Ed Grenga

Alice Berney
Allen Shaw
Aron Greenfield
Bela Kirzner
Bernard Shuster
Bronia Schonberg
Chana Seldin
Chaim Fisgeyer
David Laufer
Ditta Lowy
Donia Mir
Ellsworth Rosen
Esther Gens
Eva Elson
Eva Galambos
Faya Laufer
George Foldi
Gisela Simon
Henry Lefman
Hyman Laufer
Judith Catz
Leon Satenstein
Liane Reif-Lehrer
Mira Kirshner
Miriam Webb Stroyman
Riva Kolodner
Rabbi Aaron Krochmal
Rabbi Isaiah Wohlgemuth
Regina Barshak
Rena Chernoff
Rena Finder
Robert Hilliard
Rose Murra
Rudy Friedenthal
Ruth Smith
Ruth Gutmann
Solomon Holz
Tibor Galambos
Victor Penzer

Original interviews were conducted at the studios of Brookline Access Television

Original Movie Poster Illustration
Peter H. Reynolds

Legal Counsel provided by
Jennifer Gilbert, Esq, Law Office of Robert Allen Jr.

Digitization provided by
George Blood Audio and Video

Edit Suites provided by
Powderhouse Productions

Music provided by
Handsome Brothers Music and Lunch Special Music

We thank the Fortunoff Archives for Holocaust Testimonies for making interviews available for the film.

The makers of this film would like to thank
Fortunoff Archives for Holocaust Testimonies at Yale University
Facing History and Ourselves
Brookline Community Foundation
Brookline Interactive Group, formerly Brookline Access Television
Brookline Memorial Holocaust Committee
Town of Brookline
Coolidge Corner Theater

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